Your dog is more than just a pet, they are family.

At Bark Park, we get that. Our dogs are family too. And because we understand that, we wanted to be able to provide you with a service that would guarantee that they would be treated like family.

Our family began with a dog. And now 2 dogs and 5 kids later there is no looking back. Our dogs have brought much more than just fur into our home. They have brought adventure, laughter, comfort and love. They are part of our pack.

When your dog comes to Bark Park, they aren’t just 4 paws that fill the facility. They are part of the pack. And because they are part of the pack, they will be loved as much as each of our dogs are. They will get the belly-rubbing, ear-scratching, lay-my-head-in-your-lap kind of love that you give them at home.

Welcome to the Bark Park Pack.
Melissa & Casey

We are thankful for our dogs,
because they complete our family.